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Cinderella and Resilience

Today I’m introducing the latest two books I had the pleasure of working on. Both have really meaningful and empowering messages and one determined and brave main character.



What if Cinderella solved her own problems? What if she didn’t have to be saved by a prince to deal with the stepfamily that chose to be mean to her? This revised fairytale is created by Imaginare Studios, a media company working on solving the confidence gap between men and women by targeting the content we read as very young children, using emotional developmental milestones as a guide. These emotional milestones are reflected in this revised classic for modern children; our young protagonist, Danielle, learns to address her challenges in relationship with her stepsisters, but in doing so creates her own adventure that has nothing to do with being saved by a prince!

Written by Kali Bhandari and published in April 2018 by Imaginare Studios, the book is now available at Amazon and Book Depository.

Here’s a little about Imaginare Studios: Our vision is to create content for young children focused on emotional developmental milestones with the goal of building self-confidence. After research into gender roles, confidence, and child development, what we have learned is that children’s most emotionally formative years are ages 0-5, but most confidence-building materials are focused on ages 10+. These materials miss the most powerful developmental opportunity. We propose to solve that problem by providing content to young children that focuses on major emotional and psychological milestones for young children, namely attachment, autonomy and the ability to self-soothe, emotional capacity and social values.

So happy to see that Cinderella is being so well received. ♡

The goal of this book is to provide an enjoyable story that serves as a mechanism for your child exploring emotional ability, autonomy, and the ability to self-soothe. You may also find that your children, especially older readers familiar with the original version of Cinderella, are immediately inspired to pen their own version after reading!

“As first-time publishers, working with Sofia was like a dream come true. Her beautiful illustrations aren’t just enchanting; they take the story of Danielle, our erstwhile Cinderella, forward in ways that we had not even thought about. As she created the sketches, our own image of Cinderella became clearer; who she was, what motivated her, how a girl of her age would act in a forest; all signs of a true artist. But working with Sofia is not just about her talent with illustrating, it is also all the other things she brings to the table: she became a fourth member of our team as she gently led us through the vagaries of printing, self-publishing, book designing, and thinking about how the story would be laid out for young readers, along with her utter belief in our company’s mission, going above and beyond the call of duty each time.” – Imaginare Studios


Meet Emmi! She is resilient, independent and courageous. She always tries her best, and even when the going gets tough, Emmi never gives in. This charming story uses verse and beautiful illustrations to model resilience, persistence, and the ability to face challenges with tenacity. Children who are resilient are brave, curious, confident and problem solvers. Nurturing these traits in our children will go a long way in helping them face the many challenges they will encounter throughout their lives. Also included are Discussion Questions for parents, caregivers and educators, and suggested activities to promote children’s resilience.

Written by Jayneen Sanders and published by Educate2Empower, the book is available at their website shop, Amazon and Book Depository. It was my second time working with Jay (read more about our first collaboration) and once again it was a pleasure working with her and making her story come to life through Emmi – her adventures made me reminiscence so many childhood moments so I really had a lot of fun illustrating the growth and adventures of this little girl.

If you enjoyed any of this books and share them on social media, be sure to tag me and the authors on your photos – we would love to see them :) Meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram/Twitter to keep up with latest projects and see works in progress.

The Social Butterfly

the social butterfly

It’s publication day! Happy book birthday to “The Social Butterfly”, written by Beth Bracken, illustrated by me and published by Picture Window Books!

Charlotte loves talking, singing, and playing. What Charlotte doesn’t love is sitting still, being quiet, and listening, which is a big problem at school. Will Charlotte be able to modify her behavior and learn when to be social and when to be quiet? A sweet and relatable picture book story that shines a light on social behaviors.

Fun fact: Charlotte’s story reminds me a little bit of my school years – from 4th until the 6th grade, I was quite the chatterbox (to the point I had teachers sending notes to my parents, ups) and avid textbook doodler, on both mine and my friends’ books. Then when I entered high school my personality became more introverted, but the doodling part remained. The books I shared with one of my best friends during philosophy class is filled with tiny doodles (mostly food, lots of sandwiches and random spaghetti dishes, not sure why, ahah). I should find that book and share some of those doodles!

Below are a few online reviews – these were based on the ARC and in case you are wondering, yes, she was purple at the beginning and yes, the cover also changed quite  a bit. We went back and forth with her coloring, but in the end we ended up with the version you see in the photo. (more…)

New Year, new #meettheartist

Sofia Cardoso #meettheartist

It is my first 2018 entry here on the blog and I thought what better way to start the year than updating my #MeetTheArtist.
The first one I did was back in 2016 (see before and after on my stories – I really miss my panda slippers, ahah) and a some things have changed since then, including my illustration style. I also had a lot of fun trying to think on new things to write so it doesn’t get repetitive, but in case you remember my last one and are wondering, I still don’t like neither coffee or vinegar. Tea person for life!

Happy 2018 everyone!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone – thank you so much for all the lovely support and kind words during 2017.
Just a few more hours of work for me and then I’m ready to enter full Christmas mode – cosy pajamas, hot chocolate and tea, a galore of Christmas cooking and baking and a well deserved relax and family time (at least until the 26, then I need to tackle A LOT of deadlines, but I’m sure all the Christmas leftovers will help me keep going..especially the red velvet *yum*).

Wish you a cosy and lovely Christmas and a happy new year!

Happy 1st of December


I feel like this year fly by so SO fast, especially these last two months. I’ve been a little quiet due to personal matters related to family and health. November to me was a roller coaster of emotions, so much has happened and I felt like I was on auto pilot and numb going through each day, but thankfully things worked out for the better and I’m slowly trying to get back to my usual routine. I feel very gratefully to everyone that was so supportive and understanding, especially my lovely agents at the Bright Agency.

The last three months of the year are definitely my favorite, it is a season that I truly enjoy and makes me happy so my goal for this month is to soak up as much of that joy as I can and recharge for the new year. My tree and decorations are up, Christmas radio has been playing non stop this week and I already started planning some yummy Christmas treats and edible gifts.

I hope everyone stays warm and have a lovely Holiday season.
Happy 1st of December!


You, Me and Empathy

On 15th of June I was finally able to reveal a project that I have been working on since last year with the lovely Jayneen SandersYou, Me and Empathy. Jayneen is an experienced author, publisher, elementary school teacher, mother of three and an active advocate for body safety, gender equality and respectful relationship education both in homes and in schools. Her books aim to educate and empower children, as well as, the adults who care for them, while focusing on themes like body safety, gender equality and consent.

This charming story uses verse, beautiful illustrations and a little person called Quinn to model the meaning of empathy. Throughout the story, Quinn shows an abundance of understanding, compassion and kindness towards others. Showing empathy towards others is a learnt trait, and one to nurture and cherish with the children in our care. The book includes a section with discussion questions and activities for parents, caregivers and educators to promote empathy and kindness.

I feel very grateful to have illustrated this lovely project – it was wonderful working on such an inspiring and engaging book and I really enjoyed helping little Quinn come to life. Below is a one of my favorite pages from the book: I loved working on this community garden scene, it reminded me of (more…)