Surface Pattern

Surtex 2017!

surtex2017-sofia cardoso

If you are headed to Surtex, in New York, from 21 to 23 of May, my lovely agency’s Art Licensing Department will be there with lots of new and exciting work from me and fellow artists. Stop by BOOTH #2933 to take a look and say hello!!
Art Directors feel free to make an appointment and also follow along through twitter: @sofiagcardosoo | @BrightLicensing.


Trade shows and book fairs

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been busy with lots of exciting new projects that I can’t wait to share with the world. Lately, I’ve been more active on both my Instagram and Twitter, so if you want to see sneak peeks, you can follow me there.

Since joining Bright last year, I’ve been more than grateful to my agents – from lovely words of encouragement and positive feedback to new work opportunities, the journey so far has been very rewarding and I’ve learnt so much already that I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

The first quarter of 2017 is going to be very busy with trade shows. Last month, under the art licensing category, Bright showcased our work at the Spring Fair and next on the calendar are these two book fairs. If you’re interested in seeing my portfolio, be sure to get in touch with one of the agents and book your meeting.

London Book Fair (14th – 16th March 2017)
Bologna Children’s Book Fair (3rd – 6th April 2017)

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2015

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2015

On September 24th I uploaded my entry for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2015.

The brief was about a young woman called Antoinette and a day in her life, favorite places and things she is drawn to. From here we were supposed to design a pair of sneakers that Antoinette would like to wear when riding her bike to work.
After reading the brief over and over I sat down with my sketchbook and started taking notes on Antoinette’s interests and preferences, favorite patterns and typography, color trends and other bits before picking some of them that I knew they would work well with my own style of work. With that I ended up exploring the vintage, charming yet quirky side of Antoinette’s life, mixed with her love for vintage grey engravings of small animals, peonies, odd combos, floral embellishments with a touch of Parisian perfume bottles in the form of bird cages.

These are some of the sketches and although some didn’t make it to the final piece, I really enjoyed the research and sketching time. My favorite ones turned out to be the vintage inspired animal engravings that I did with a soft graphite pencil.

sketches-SofiaCardoso-Global Talent Search 2015

And here’s my final composition I submitted. I wanted my piece to portray a vintage, feminine yet quirky and carefree tone and that’s why I called my design “Born to Wander”. (more…)

The Surface Pattern Design Lookbook Vol1

Last year I had the opportunity of taking part in a summer course hosted by the Make it In Design team. In this course we could pick one to three levels (I registered for all three and I’m glad I did it!) and on each of them we had briefs to work on. I’ve shared both the moodboards and my thoughts on each step of the course here on the blog so if you want to take a peek at it you can do so here: round 1round 2round 3. The briefings were challenging and inspiring, the community was always there to give support and all that helped me and my work grow a lot during Summer.

Later, some of us were invited to have our designs featured in a Lookbook the team was going to put together and today I’m happy to share the result with you! Once again thank you Make It In Design team for putting together this Lookbook.

Can’t wait to see what 2015 Summer School will bring!

DSPS Blog Tour | The perks of being a Surface Pattern Designer


First of all thank you so much for taking a little time to stop by my blog. You’ve probably came through Barbara’s blog and for tomorrow you will be able to continue the tour over at Amanda’s blog. You can check out the full schedule over at Bonnie’s blog here and if you’re interested on purchasing the course you can find it here. Also as a part of the blog tour, Bonnie is offering ONE FREE MONTH for the Roost Tribe.

As you all know, last month we had the opportunity of taking Bonnie’s class over at Creativelive and for me, it was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had in a while. It was that little push I needed to feel a little more confident about my work since I’ve learned quite a few tricks along the way. I filled three A4 papers with notes! BACK AND FRONT! I thought I already knew a lot of Illustrator, but after those three days I came to the conclusion I had hidden gems all over the software. I remember that at some point everyone in the studio gasped or just stared at Bonnie marveled when she introduced the recolor artwork tool. I think like me, some people probably heard some bells ringing in the background when we saw what that tool could do. Talk about time saving that tool have help me save many working hours. I learned so much and couldn’t be happier when this opportunity came out. So for today, I’m going to talk about some little aspects that I hope most of you will relate and hopefully, it will make you laugh along the way. I believe that knowing that you’re not alone and having a community by your side that goes through the same obstacles and conquers, really helps you grow as a creative individual so, with no further delay, I present to you:


1. Those times where after proudly assembling the layout, you proceed to drag the design into the swatches panel (in Adobe Illustrator) and  (more…)