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Happy 1st of December


I feel like this year fly by so SO fast, especially these last two months. I’ve been a little quiet due to personal matters related to family and health. November to me was a roller coaster of emotions, so much has happened and I felt like I was on auto pilot and numb going through each day, but thankfully things worked out for the better and I’m slowly trying to get back to my usual routine. I feel very gratefully to everyone that was so supportive and understanding, especially my lovely agents at the Bright Agency.

The last three months of the year are definitely my favorite, it is a season that I truly enjoy and makes me happy so my goal for this month is to soak up as much of that joy as I can and recharge for the new year. My tree and decorations are up, Christmas radio has been playing non stop this week and I already started planning some yummy Christmas treats and edible gifts.

I hope everyone stays warm and have a lovely Holiday season.
Happy 1st of December!


My TOP10 creative business resources | CLD


The internet is full of resources, websites, ebooks and articles that can help bloggers and artists manage their business, increase their productivity and make things run smoother. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favourite, go to online resources, that I use very often (some even daily) to run my business, that I find extremely helpful, and hopefully you will too!

To me, Dropbox is a quick fix on USB pens. Besides using it to share project folders with some clients, I save the files I need on my laptop and they are synced automatically to all my devices (they have apps for iPads, iPhones and Android users). For example, most of my Instagram pictures are first taken with my Samsung camera and then I upload them with dropbox to my tablet or phone, edit them there and then I finally upload it to Instagram (long process I know, but it’s worth it). Or if I want to post a wip picture, I simply print screen my laptop screen, upload to Dropbox, and then it is on my tablet, ready to be uploaded to Instagram. Another feature I find really useful is that once my files are uploaded, I can work without internet, anywhere I go – I just open dropbox and there they are.

I started using Mailchimp when I created my first monthly newsletter. I use it to keep my clients and subscribers updated about new blog posts, new work and other bits and bops about my business. If you’re not familiar with email marketing and newsletters and want to get started, I’ve written a blog post on ‘How to set up a newsletter’, using Mailchimp. I find it to be super user-friendly, easy to edit and customize, and if you’re not keen on investing in a paid package, they have a very good free plan, that includes a free account signup, 2,000 subscribers and you can send up to 12,000 emails a month.

I think that most of us have been there: you’re working on a project and you know you have that perfect font on your computer, but among your trizillion fonts you can’t seem to find it and/or remember its name. Yes, I’ve been there. Or when I’m working on a creative branding project and I want to have a full view of what fonts I have to pick a few to try, it’s time consuming to go through all of them using the type tool on Illustrator. BUT, worry not! Three years ago I found the light at the end of the tunnel. Ever heard of Wordmark? No? Now you have and you’ll thank me later!
On Wordmark, you simply type in any word or phrase you want, and the website loads your word in every.single.font you have on your computer. You can change the font size, make it smaller or bigger, see in negative or positive, see the fonts you clicked/selected at the end – this online tool has saved me hours!

If you are on the hunt for some good, free, high-quality fonts, look no more. Although they don’t have a huge collection, Lost Type has lots of great fonts available.
Note: If you are planning on using the font for commercial purposes you will need to purchase a commercial license. It allows you to use Lost Type fonts in situations where the typeface is used for commerce, including projects like logos advertising campaigns, printed goods, websites, software, e-books, etc.

Other sites with free fonts: DaFont and FontSquirrel.


How to set up a newsletter | CLD

How to set up a neswsletter using mailchimp | creative life diaries

After having a couple of people asking me how I created my mailing list, I decided to make a blog post about it. After I started using mine, I noticed an increase in both my blog and site traffic and wouldn’t go back for anything because it has definitely proven to be an essential tool to grow both your business and blog.

For those who don’t know what a mailing list is, it’s basically a collection of email contacts that usually have other data attached (like name, country, website, etc.) that you collect from your subscribers when you use email marketing services such as MailChimp, Benchmark Email, Mad Mimi and others. Each service has its pros and cons so if you’re not sure which one to pick, do a little research and see which one works best for you. Almost all of these services have free and paid plans so if you’re not planning on spending money, choose one with a good free plan.

For me, the best option was MailChimp and till today I haven’t had no major problems using it (besides taking sometimes way too long to send a confirmation email to the subscriber). It’s simple and their free plan has all the basic features and tools I need to manage my subscribers and newsletters. Here are a few (more…)

Pinterest Spring Cleaning | CLD


When you hear the word Spring what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Flowers? More hours of sun in a day? The start of barbecue season? (hell yeah!), but I bet some of you also associate the beginning of this season with… SPRING CLEANING!

To me, it feels really good to be able to open all the windows and let the house (and the closet) breath before starting to give it a good ol’ scrub from head to toe, windows included. I usually part the shores into tiny tasks in a way that I can squeeze some in during the week after or before work, while the rest is left for the weekend. It was during this Saturday’s cleaning when I was browsing through my feed (while I was waiting for the hallway floor to dry) that I realized my Pinterest could use some spring cleaning too.

Last year I shared a blog post with 6 ways to improve your Pinterest account with ways to follow the “DOV system” so today, I’m sharing a few tips I used to spring clean my Pinterest and some tricks on how to customize your page and make it “more you”.

1. Take 30
First of all, if you’re committing to a full spring cleaning you need to put aside some time, so you don’t rush or do things by half. Half an hour was all it took me, but if you’re planning on customizing your page or you have more than 2,000 pins put aside at least one hour to do it. (more…)

Quick guide to Bloglovin | CLD

bloglovin - quick guide + tutorials

First time I heard of Bloglovin I didn’t really gave it a chance thinking it would be a waste of time learning how to get around another social media and to be honest I really didn’t understood what it was for. I knew it was focused for the blogging world but never gave it a try. Let me tell you one thing: if you like organization in your life like me, from a simple journal to the core of your bookmarks folder, Bloglovin IS FOR YOU! I am one of those people where every time I see something on the web that catches my eye and I don’t have time to see it in that moment what do I do? I drag it to the favorites. Usually that happens during the week so when the weekend starts you can imagine how full my bookmarks are, not to mention it was starting to be a little difficult to keep track on the gazillion blogs I was following. In other words, since I’ve started using Bloglovin I never miss a post from the blogs I follow.

Basically Bloglovin is a platform that not only let’s you keep track of all the blogs you want to read and follow but also, if you have a blog you can add it to their list making it more accessible for more people to follow and read it. Bellow I compiled five reasons and tips that will surely make you give Bloglovin a try:

  1. As I said above you can keep track of all the blogs you want to read since you can add any blog and guess what? No more folders in your bookmarks, you have them all in ONE place and it’s free so you only need an email account and a password to sign up;


6 ways to improve your pinterest | CLD


Next month it’s going to be one year since I started using Pinterest. Looking back it probably started with Oh, what’s this Pinterest thing everyone is talking about… and two hours later I had more than twenty boards, a gazillion unsorted pins and on each scroll I was overwhelmed with all the different pins that appeared. It was like finding a new continent or rediscovering internet again. There were Saturdays where my mom and I would sit together, scrolling down on a sea of food decoration tutorials, or Christmas diy till the end of the feed.
As time passed I started realizing my profile was a complete mess, I had everything design and illustration packed up in one board, food recipes together with gardening pins, till I decided to do a major spring cleaning. If I don’t feel right having my desktop all cluttered why would I leave my profile like that? I decided to pick key topics for my boards and instead of 20 I narrowed it down to 18 (I know it’s only two but at least now they all have a purpose) and after reading a couple of posts on the subject I also realized how Pinterest could be a useful tool, not only for personal recreation but also for my business. Which brings me to today’s post where I thought I could share some key aspects that I have learned along the way: