Book Review | Grow your handmade business

Grow your handmade business book review

You know those books where you know it’s going to be one of those reading experiences that are going to change your life? Yeah, this one is one of those. I’ve been blown away with how incredible resourceful and interesting this book is. Licensing, online advertising, coworking, agents, marketing management, taxes, money, business models, I think Kari Chapin covers it all. Grow your Handmade Business – How to envision, develop and sustain a successful creative business is for sure a MUST HAVE in you bookshelf. Making Jay McCarroll words mine “If there was ever such a thing as a creative business therapist, I would be lying on the couch in Kari’s office gladly throwing cash at her” (well not really sure about the cash thing but I would bring her some cupcakes).

“When you’re dreaming up your dreamy dream business, you need to be clear about just what exactly you want to do.”

Through the whole book Kari guide us through the different emotional and practical stages of understanding the different sides of a business, with examples and exercises for us to do while reading the book (keep a journal next to you). Questions like My strongest creative skill is? and

Book review | Show your work


*May contain spoilers*

Today I’ll be introducing another topic: book reviews. If you don’t know already I love to read, if I like the book I usually read it in hours and if it’s a collection I can stay up all night devouring the whole story. Lately I’ve been collecting a lot of books about the creative business, design, illustration and similar topics so expect little reviews about each one of them.

Last week I finished reading “Show Your Work” from Austin Kleon (he is also the author of “Steal Like An Artist”). In addition to being very portable due to its size and having layouts and graphics very pleasing to the eye, this book is (more…)