The Social Butterfly

the social butterfly

It’s publication day! Happy book birthday to “The Social Butterfly”, written by Beth Bracken, illustrated by me and published by Picture Window Books!

Charlotte loves talking, singing, and playing. What Charlotte doesn’t love is sitting still, being quiet, and listening, which is a big problem at school. Will Charlotte be able to modify her behavior and learn when to be social and when to be quiet? A sweet and relatable picture book story that shines a light on social behaviors.

Fun fact: Charlotte’s story reminds me a little bit of my school years – from 4th until the 6th grade, I was quite the chatterbox (to the point I had teachers sending notes to my parents, ups) and avid textbook doodler, on both mine and my friends’ books. Then when I entered high school my personality became more introverted, but the doodling part remained. The books I shared with one of my best friends during philosophy class is filled with tiny doodles (mostly food, lots of sandwiches and random spaghetti dishes, not sure why, ahah). I should find that book and share some of those doodles!

Below are a few online reviews – these were based on the ARC and in case you are wondering, yes, she was purple at the beginning and yes, the cover also changed quite  a bit. We went back and forth with her coloring, but in the end we ended up with the version you see in the photo.

The first review below, when I found it a few days ago, it made my heart smile. It is a review from a mother AND her 6 years old daughter, named Noah (source).

The Social Butterfly is one of the cutest book I have read with my daughter this year so far! This story touched on most of the issues little kindergarten and first graders tend to deal with. They get excited about their friends and sometimes they don’t think about what it’s like for the people around them. The illustrations were very colorful and cute. I recommend this book to teachers or even parents that have little one’s that are starting school for the very first time.
Noa’s Review:
Q. What did you like best about the book?

A. When they were talking at lunch.
Q.Would you read it again?

A. Yes
Q. What did you think of the illustrations?

A.I liked them because it reminded me of Mya the Bee and Sofia the First.
Q.What grade do you think Charlotte is in?

A. First! Like me!
Q. Rating of 1- 10 with 10 being the best. What would you rate this?

A. 10!!!!!!!!
Q. Why?

A. Because it’s cool. I mean butterflies. I love butterflies!

This bright,colorful book will help young chatterboxes learn how to tame the desire to talk so much! (…) I really loved the cheerful, textured illustrations! There was so much to look at in each picture, I spent almost an hour just turning the pages again and again.
Anni W, Educator (source: NetGalley)

This book is just so adorable. I love that it teaches about being overly chatty and how it presents problems. My son enjoys me reading this to him. He is autistic and does have the problem of understanding personal space and how speaking too much can be a problem, but I think this book is helping him understand. We get to certain parts and he will repeat the words and it’s like a light has come on that previously before he never noticed or understood. I think this is a wonderful way for children to learn about behaviors that come off rather strong and unsettling for others. It will make a lovely addition to our nightly readings.
Latasha M (source: NetGalley)

I want this book. I want to buy it and read it to my students 47 times so they can have the same ‘ah-hah’ moment as Charlotte. These illustrations are gorgeous and I really appreciate the simple, straightforward way the book approaches the subject of too much chit-chat. This would be easy for young children to follow. I’m also especially thankful that the author did not try to tell this story in rhyme.
Meghan B, Librarian (source: NetGalley)

The Social Butterfly just broke my cute-meter! It’s such a lovely picture book with a great message and the sweetest illustrations. This book has a great message for all of the young social butterflies out there about learning when it is appropriate to talk, laugh and play with your friends and when you need to be quiet and pay attention. The writing style was engaging and the illustrations were adorable! The layout has been well thought out and the font choice complements the soft colour palette of the illustrations. The childrens’ expressions leave no room for confusion regarding what they’re feeling and the children themselves are simply the cutest little insects ever! The backgrounds are detailed and I loved the attention to detail. I especially loved Miss Flora’s chipped upside down teacup table.
Schizanthus (source:goodreads)

The book is now available at the following places: Capstone, Amazon and Book Depository.

A huge thank you to my agency and to agent Anne Moore Armstrong for everything. I squealed of happiness when the mailman arrived yesterday and I realised it was my book copies – so happy with this book, I really enjoyed working on it and seeing it all put together, printed and in my hands, I feel really happy, proud of myself and also very grateful – I hope that this cheerful book will be enjoyed by many kids and kids at heart!

If you’ve read and enjoyed Charlotte’s adventures, I would love to hear from you – here in the comments section, through an Amazon review or simply through Twitter or Instagram. Thank you! x

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