Sweet ABC for Oopsy Daisy


Happy Wednesday, everyone!
If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you probably know that I’ve been keeping under wraps a very exciting collaboration with one of my dream companies. Guess what? Today I’m happy to announce the release of my Sweet ABC collection with Oopsy Daisy!
The collection is available as a placemat (see alphabet composition below), Canvas Wall Art and Art Prints in different sizes. And guess what? You can also personalize the individual letter prints with a name (perfect to give as a gift!).

sweetabcC-sofiacardoso-oopsydaisy sweetabcP-sofiacardoso-oopsydaisy sweetabcU-sofiacardoso-oopsydaisy sweetabcW-sofiacardoso-oopsydaisy


Sweet ABC is a collection of alphabet prints, illustrated with tasty cakes and treats, fresh fruits, fun hats and friendly (some even magical) animals, where each letter interacts with with a word in a playful and colorful way. Delicious cakes, crispy fruit, a magical unicorn and a treasure map are some of the fun bits scattered inside, that will make learning fun and entertaining.

Sing the ABC’s with your little one and make learning the alphabet fun! – Oopsy Daisy


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