Spooky Pumpkin!


When I was a kid, I used to tag along with a few neighbors and we would dress up as witches and diy some pumpkins with two bowls, lots of duck tape and orange crepe paper and we would knock on doors singing Halloween songs in hope to receive a candy or two. A trip to the Dentist was always scheduled two weeks after (who knows why, right?).

This year I’m spending Halloween night baking pumpkin muffins (can’t wait to try out this recipe), eating spinach and ricotta lasagna for dinner and watching scary movies (although I’m still not sure what to watch). Any suggestions?

Although I started this illustration in the beginning of October, I wasn’t able to finish it in time for Halloween, so here’s a wip of how it’s progressing.

Currently I’m taking this course (that I’m loving – I’ve already learned so much and we are only on lesson 2) and I’m also working on a book project that it’s supposed to be finished by December 1st – yikes! Two months is a bit of a tight schedule to work on a book, but I know I can do it! I’ll share more about it once the book is finished.


I’m also putting together a super awesome freebie that I’ll be sending out with my November newsletter. If you love Christmas like me, you like to organize stuff and you can’t live without a planner, then this freebie will be for you! If you’re not yet subscribed to my newsletter, you can do it here and be sure to follow me on Instagram – I’ll be posting sneak peeks through out the month of November!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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