Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2015

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2015

On September 24th I uploaded my entry for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2015.

The brief was about a young woman called Antoinette and a day in her life, favorite places and things she is drawn to. From here we were supposed to design a pair of sneakers that Antoinette would like to wear when riding her bike to work.
After reading the brief over and over I sat down with my sketchbook and started taking notes on Antoinette’s interests and preferences, favorite patterns and typography, color trends and other bits before picking some of them that I knew they would work well with my own style of work. With that I ended up exploring the vintage, charming yet quirky side of Antoinette’s life, mixed with her love for vintage grey engravings of small animals, peonies, odd combos, floral embellishments with a touch of Parisian perfume bottles in the form of bird cages.

These are some of the sketches and although some didn’t make it to the final piece, I really enjoyed the research and sketching time. My favorite ones turned out to be the vintage inspired animal engravings that I did with a soft graphite pencil.

sketches-SofiaCardoso-Global Talent Search 2015

And here’s my final composition I submitted. I wanted my piece to portray a vintage, feminine yet quirky and carefree tone and that’s why I called my design “Born to Wander”.


I incorporated different techniques, from pencil drawings to watercolor and Chinese ink paintings and textures. Here’s a close up on some of the details:



Today the Top 50 was announced and unfortunately no second round for me. I had a lot of fun with this brief and it was definitely an experience that makes both you and your creative process grow. Also, I have seen amazing entries over at Instagram and I’m sure it was a tough decision to pick just 50. Congratulations to everyone that made it and good luck for the next round!

Below are some of my favorite entries from this first round that I’ve seen on Instagram (you can find the Top 50 here):

Global Talent Search 2015

1. Kagan Byron 2. Sara Brezzi 3. Terri Fry Kasuba 4. Meghann Rader 5. Leah Quinn 6. Miriam Bos 7. Katie Wilson 8. Ciara Ni Dhuinn

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. Thanks for sharing your process Sofia. I think your design is beautiful and definitely merited getting through to the next round, but competitions can be so subjective and it’s hard to know what the judges have in mind. But now you have some lovely motifs for lots of new work!

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