Monday blues and daisies | CLD

© 2015 Sofia Cardoso

Two weeks ago as I was going through my website, I decided that since I was able to finally cross it off my to do list, it was time to start focusing more on creating new art. I’ve gathered my sketchbook along with some random papers I had scattered around with tiny project ideas and sketches and started drawing to my heart’s content.

The positive side is that I finally get to just concentrate on my art, but on the other side, I felt like I have been MIA from the world in the first few days. I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes when I’m working on something that I find really exciting I just turn off my world switch. (Does that also happen to you?) It sounds a little bad, but I’ve been trying to take more advantage of Instagram and I’ve been sharing more work in progress pictures, wips and sketches and pretty much anything that tells the world that I’m still alive so, if you want to see what I’ve been up to lately you can follow me on Instagram.

© 2015 Sofia Cardoso

Right now I’m working on a collection of fun prints that mix fruits, mixed foliage and… you’ll see. I also wanted to work more on developing my character designs, so this project will also focus on that. The first picture shows a snippet of an orange cake with some olive leaves (the idea came from this recipe and although I think it’s rather strange to add olive oil to a cake, that cake looks really moist and appealing so I saved the recipe to try it out later).

The second picture belongs to another piece and it shows the first stages of I details and textures. I quite liked the way that red strawberry turned out so I’m definitely going to explore more this technique and if you’re wondering how I did that I just played around with some gouache and watercolors to create some random blobs and splatters before bringing them to the computer and apply them on the strawberries.
On a side note, my mom’s birthday is coming and since this year I’m the one baking her cake, I want to make it special. I’ve been researching a lot about cakes, butter cream recipes, strawberry jam, frosting and decorating ideas, so all that might have some influence on this particular collection. And in case you’re wondering, I’m planning on doing a three layer vanilla cake inspired by this stunning cake from Linda Lomelino (her food photographs and recipes completely indulge my inner foodie).

© 2015 Sofia Cardoso

The other day I had a dream where I was wearing this patterned pants and, well I don’t really recall the rest of the dream but the pants stayed in my mind. They were this deep oxford blue with daisies scattered all over and somehow that pattern stuck with me and made it into one of my gouache experiments. I had a lot of fun and although this tiny square took me a whole afternoon to fill, I’m definitely going to paint some more in the near future.

Since I haven’t done a ‘simplify your thoughts’ post for a while, I decided to, once in a while, share a round up of what I’ve been up to lately, here on the blog.


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