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When you hear the word Spring what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Flowers? More hours of sun in a day? The start of barbecue season? (hell yeah!), but I bet some of you also associate the beginning of this season with… SPRING CLEANING!

To me, it feels really good to be able to open all the windows and let the house (and the closet) breath before starting to give it a good ol’ scrub from head to toe, windows included. I usually part the shores into tiny tasks in a way that I can squeeze some in during the week after or before work, while the rest is left for the weekend. It was during this Saturday’s cleaning when I was browsing through my feed (while I was waiting for the hallway floor to dry) that I realized my Pinterest could use some spring cleaning too.

Last year I shared a blog post with 6 ways to improve your Pinterest account with ways to follow the “DOV system” so today, I’m sharing a few tips I used to spring clean my Pinterest and some tricks on how to customize your page and make it “more you”.

1. Take 30
First of all, if you’re committing to a full spring cleaning you need to put aside some time, so you don’t rush or do things by half. Half an hour was all it took me, but if you’re planning on customizing your page or you have more than 2,000 pins put aside at least one hour to do it.

2. Seeing double?
Put on your swim fins and be ready to have a long dive into your pins feed. Scroll till the very first pin you pinned and be on the lookout for duplicated pins. You’ve probably already encountered an alert from Pinterest warning that you already pinned that particular image, but if you are pinning it to a different board it won’t give you the alert.

 3. Source and credit
While you’re looking for duplicate pins you can also check if your pins have a proper source and if their url is heading to where it should. Also make sure your pins have a good description, proper credit plus a few keywords because besides making your feed look more credible, it increases the chances of being found during Pinterest searches.

4. Clutter control and speed cleaning
For doing step 2 and 3 you don’t need to start on your pins feed, if you want, you can clean one board at a time. Once in a while I delete some pins that aren’t signing to my heart anymore to make room for new ones and since Pinterest introduced the “move pins” tool, organizing a board couldn’t be easier.

Once you’re inside the board you want, on the right corner right before your pins start appearing there’s three buttons: “move pins“, “edit board” and the “three dots” button. After you click on “move pins” you’ll notice all your pins get a grey check point icon on the corner and if you click on them the icon turns red. Basically what this feature does is to apply one of these three actions (move, copy, delete) to one or as many as you want pins inside the board. Awesome, right? Imagine you encountered a misplaced pin and instead of pinning it again to the correct board you simply move it to the correct board.

5. Don’t forget the blind spots
Update your board descriptions because once again, it will help them appear in Pinterest results. Stick to simple descriptions with searchable keywords. You can also reorganize them by relevance or by favorite topics by rearranging the board up and down the page. If you have a board of your business or from your blog, try placing it in the first row to get more exposure.

6. Seasonal makeover
Change your board covers once every two or three weeks to keep your profile looking fresh. If your account is related to your business, you can pick images that best describe the essence of your brand and go for a theme with common elements.

If you want to take it to another level, you can make your own covers and apply them to your boards. Just start with the a size of 217×147 pixels, pick a layout, upload them to each board and then place it as the cover like you usually do with the other images.

7. Stainless profile
Update both your profile image (165×165 pixels) and description. Make sure you include links to your blog, website, shops, Instagram, anything that you find relevant to share. Having your site verified is a MUST if you want to look credible and trustworthy. For that you just need to follow these steps and you’re good. After you get verified if you have a business account, you’ll get access to Pinterest Analytics and you’ll be able to see how people are engaging with your site’s content.

And that’s it! Now go on and get yourself a spring drink, you’ve managed to survive this year’s spring cleaning (only if the house was this easy).

( photo – Death to the Stock Photo )



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