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First time I heard of Bloglovin I didn’t really gave it a chance thinking it would be a waste of time learning how to get around another social media and to be honest I really didn’t understood what it was for. I knew it was focused for the blogging world but never gave it a try. Let me tell you one thing: if you like organization in your life like me, from a simple journal to the core of your bookmarks folder, Bloglovin IS FOR YOU! I am one of those people where every time I see something on the web that catches my eye and I don’t have time to see it in that moment what do I do? I drag it to the favorites. Usually that happens during the week so when the weekend starts you can imagine how full my bookmarks are, not to mention it was starting to be a little difficult to keep track on the gazillion blogs I was following. In other words, since I’ve started using Bloglovin I never miss a post from the blogs I follow.

Basically Bloglovin is a platform that not only let’s you keep track of all the blogs you want to read and follow but also, if you have a blog you can add it to their list making it more accessible for more people to follow and read it. Bellow I compiled five reasons and tips that will surely make you give Bloglovin a try:

  1. As I said above you can keep track of all the blogs you want to read since you can add any blog and guess what? No more folders in your bookmarks, you have them all in ONE place and it’s free so you only need an email account and a password to sign up;

  1. Besides the computer, you can download their app (it’s free too) and access the feed on your tablet and smartphone anywhere, anytime (you need wifi or any other internet connection for it to work but these days you can find it almost anywhere);
  1. Very important and it was one of the things that at first held me back. I thought it would be difficult to understand but ended being really simple and direct. The layout is simple, with features that we all know from other platforms, like the follow button, like option and so on. It’s very user friendly so you won’t feel overwhelmed;
  1. Once in there and after you add some blogs to your feed you can search for other blogs with similar content and categories so you end up discovering new blogs to read and if you don’t want to be the one searching, every time you follow a new blog, Bloglovin sends to your email suggestions based on that last blog;
  1. You can link your own blog to Bloglovin, claiming it and just that brings a lot of advantages: it will bring traffic to your blog as well as new people since you’re introducing it to the thousands of users that already use bloglovin. That way any person interested in following your blog will have the chance to add it to their news feed making it easier to never miss a post from you.

Now that you’re probably thinking on signing up I bet there’s some questions you have concerning claiming a blog so I’ll try to explain some first steps the best I can.

First you need to sign up and then login. Once on the main area you’ll have three buttons on the top: My feed – Popular Posts – Find Blogs. On the right you have the notifications bell symbol and your photo in a circle where you can access pages like profile, setting, log out and others. Right next to it is the search box. You can go ahead and configure your settings to your liking and edit your profile.

  1. Make sure your blog exists on Bloglovin. You can verify this by typing your blog full url (with the http:// and all) on the search box (top right corner). If you can’t find it make sure you have a valid RSS-feed (more about it here). If you can find your blog by searching, go to “My blog” under your photo and click on “Claim blog”. Search for your blog and click on it in the search results. This will display a box with some html code that you need to copy and paste it in a new blog post in your blog. Be sure to copy everything and don’t close this window since you’ll be coming back to it later.
  2. Next sign up on your blog and open a window as if you were adding a new blog post. You don’t need to give it a title, tags or anything, you just paste the html code you copied before on this new blog posts and publish it. It will look strange having a post with just that code but don’t worry, you’ll be able to delete after you set up everything.
  3. After this go back to bloglovin to the page where you were before and underneath the box with the html code hit the button “Claim blog”. This will make bloglovin verify your blog as yours and once everything is up and running you’ll receive an email with the confirmation of your claiming. If you found any trouble doing this try this here.

How will other people know I have my blog in there?
Like Facebook for example you have buttons/icons that you can add to your blog that will tell the people that visit it that they can follow you in there. Bloglovin has some pre made ones, ones more artistic that others, that you can find it in the widgets page here. Simply choose one, click “get this icon” and a window with some html code will pop out. Copy and paste it to your blog sidebar or anywhere you like and you’re done. You can also personalize the button with anything you like. I choose a little heart in a circle and I simply coded it to link back to my blog page over at Bloglovin.

How do I follow blogs?
There’s two way: you either paste the url of the blog you want to follow on the search box or you can try to search for it just by the name. After hitting search you are brought to the search result and if you see the blog you want to follow in there, you just need to hit “follow” and it is immediately added to your feed.

I think it’s pretty easy to understand it all after you wander around a little in there, I’m not an expert but if you have any questions feel free to ask. I hope that for those who weren’t familiar with Bloglovin it was helpful in some way because, at least for me, it was life changing. As I said, I never miss a post, even if I can’t see it in the day is posted bloglovin saves it in my feed so I can read it later. It has a few more features that I didn’t mention about in here but they are easy to understand so I really encourage you to give it a try.

(photo from DTTSP)



    1. You’re welcome, hope it was helpful. It’s really easy to understand, for me twitter is on the top lists of the ones where I still think that’s confusing to understand and use sigh. Just started following your blog through it this morning so you’ve probably already have me in there.

      1. Twitter takes a bit to get the hang of, I’m still practicing. I think every social network has its own ‘thing’ and you need to find how it fits in with what you are doing, or to avoid it.

        1. I decided not go overboard with them so I’m sticking to just pinterest, instagram, bloglovin and eventually a behance. I’ve found them to be the ones that better suit my needs so I’m trying to make all of them cohesive.

  1. I think I’ll take a look Sofia. Great content by the way! I have been doing catch up on quality blog reading ;-)
    I too am an avid bookmarker but often forget to go back and actually look at them. This would be far better. Also if your computer went down all that would be saved.

    P.S I loved your humor on the design post when you illustrated a software crash situation. I could I vision the whole scenario complete with a vivid image of you…lol

    1. I know right? All of them in one place for us to take a look whenever we want to. Ahah oh boy, I tried to bring out the humor in the situation and I see I was successful. Thank you Kayleen :)

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