Design surface patterns from scratch blog tour!

design surface patterns from scratch blog tour

A while back I blogged (you can check it out here) about my experience after attending a three day online course at Creativelive called Design Surface Patterns From Scratch with Bonnie Christine from goinghometoroost as our instructor (in case you missed it and want to give it a try it’s now available for purchase for $79 in the Creativelive catalog). Besides being one of the best learning experiences ever I’m also enjoying how the community interact with each other in the facebook group that was created. It was then when I heard about this blog tour.

What is Blog Tour?
(feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

Basically everyone that has signed up has a specific day to talk over on their blogs about a theme related to surface pattern design and/or related to Bonnie’s class (for example, you could talk about a collection you’ve created since then with the stuff you’ve learned during class). The objective is also to always link back to the previous and next day blog so that people could hop around one blog to another. Sharing knowledge, discuss ideas, interact with the community but above all, have fun!

Yesterday Bonnie posted over at her blog the complete schedule and today is the first day with Erin Stewart. I’m scheduled for the 29th of September and although I already have picked a theme, I might swap it for one that’s been going around in my head for a while. Spoiler: might make you laugh and nod in agreement (or not, I’ll try my best).

Let the tour begin!



    1. Thank you Erin, that means a lot :) I’ve seen your first post and I tried to comment on it but somehow it didn’t accepted any sort of login I choose to comment so I’ll use this opportunity to say what I wanted. Your collection turned out beautiful, love the color palettes you chose, especially the one with the feathers. It gives out a very Autumnal feeling. Great start for this blog tour :)

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