MIID Summer School 2014 #3

MIID Summer School 2014 #3

And here it is, the last assignments of MIID Summer School 2014. Today the galleries will go up online over on their blog and the winners of a free place in one of their modules announced. It would be beyond perfect to win a place on one of the modules but if eventually that doesn’t happen I’m still counting on attending all of them.

As for the third and final briefings, for me, these were the most challenging ones. Maybe because they were, in a way, more abstract and I tried to tackle them without inserting some sort of character into them. I wanted to work more with motifs and elements and experiment with some textures. I have to say that the theme of the advanced brief was the one that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Being the theme intricate chaos and me being a person that really likes organization in her life, it was very difficult to bring that chaos over to my work, but in overall I’m very pleased with all the three outcomes.

MIID Summer School 2014 | sofiacardoso.com

Beginner Track | Theme: Jewels
Once again inspired by some childhood memories I tried to create a garden of jewels. Nature can be gorgeous and if we look close enough there’s some pretty hidden gems out there for us to discover and that’s what I tried to pass through with this design. My jewel focus were pearls although I incorporated a little diamond element and an opal. I’ve already started working on turning this pattern into a collection so expect to see more of it very soon.

Intermediate Track | Theme: Feathers
After reading the theme my first idea was to grab some owl characters I had in my sketchbook but after a second thought I choose not to and stick to just feather elements. I wanted something light, fluffy? that would pass through some motion. I ended up with two color versions: the left one works better as a wallpaper as for the right, it could be applied onto a more wide variety of surfaces. Maybe some pillows? Someone gave me the idea of shower curtains… well why not.

MIID Summer School 2014 | sofiacardoso.com

Advanced Track | Theme: Intricate Chaos
After being the most challenging of the three, it ended up as my second favorite. Inspired by some Portuguese tiles and some elements from the beginner track design I ended up with a very versatile pattern (is it?). It works really well on surfaces for kids but also onto stationary. It turned quite pretty, really like how it turned out.

MIID Summer School 2014 | sofiacardoso.com

I know I’m probably repeating myself but I’m going to say it again, this Summer School has been an amazing experience! Thank you so much Rachael, Beth, Kelly, Angela, Louise and Paul (the Make It In Design team) for creating this adventure. The briefings were challenging and inspiring, the community was always there to give support and all that helped me grow a lot during this time. I’m hoping to do all modules some time next year so this summer school has definitely opened my appetite for more.

 Schools out!


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