MIID Summer School 2014 #2


These last two weeks have been a challenge. As the second round of MIID Summer School came around (you can check out the round up of the first week here) and each theme was revealed I knew I was going to step out of my comfort zone, especially with the animal print. I knew I wanted to keep putting “me” into the designs so I started approaching the themes with a different mindset. During this time I also attended a three day course called Design Surface Patterns From Scratch with Bonnie Christine from goinghometoroost as our instructor. Let me tell you, it was priceless! I learned so much about surface pattern design, even more about a software that I thought I already knew most of it (talking about Adobe Illustrator) and the inspiration and motivation that Bonnie was able to pass through her class was, to me, one of the best learning experiences ever (you can see some of the notes I took during the class up there… I filled three A4 papers, both front and back!). It’s already over but if you’re interested you can purchase the course at CreativeLive here. Did I mention there’s some bonus materials after purchasing? Double win! And so, with this amount of new knowledge and a lot of sketches I decided to start tackling the briefings.


Beginner Track + Advanced Track | Theme: Tribal Shapes + Tribal Collage
For these two I choose to focus my tribal theme on the Inca tribe (moodboard). I usually end up with some sort of character in my patterns so I guess that’s how I incorporate my style into the designs. I ended up with two that will most definitely turn into a collection (already working on the coordinates) and you can take a peek at some of the mock ups I did with them bellow.


Intermediate Track | Theme: Animal Print
After playing around with some chinese ink trying to come up with something that would look like the pattern of the jaguar fur (he is also related to the Inca’s, it was seen as a gods in Peru) I tried to come up with a composition where the animal print wouldn’t be noticeable at first sight. I am happy with the result and even got stuck with four different color combinations but ended up choosing the brown version to submit to summer school. Which one do you prefer?


Tomorrow the galleries will go up online and then we’ll have to wait till Monday for the third briefings to come out. It’s the final round of this summer school and I’m already getting sad it’s coming to an end. It has been a great experience and the community around it is really enthusiastic. Third round I’m ready for you!



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