Reward Yourself | CLD


One thing I’ve discovered through this year is that, although time is precious when you’re balancing a 9 to 5 job with planning for future projects and a business launch, there’s still time for some “me” time. It’s a little exhausting coming home at the end of the day and still find the energy to keep working, either it’s organizing blog posts or starting to put to paper those ideas that came while brushing my teeth (and don’t tell me you never found inspiration while in the bathroom, I know you did!). Not necessarily physically tired but mentally and if you’re a creative fellow you know what I mean.

The problem has been that I couldn’t get past that feeling that I needed to work a full day to feel that I’ve done enough and that mentality started messing with my daily routine. But despite knowing all this it took a severe neck pain for me to realize I was placing too much pressure in me. Nowadays, I try to take things slowly, organize my day better instead of worrying much about things that are still undone. I implemented a healthy & organized routine, I learned what are the best hours for me to work without being unfocused and got rid of all the distractions so it doesn’t take me double the time to get things done and honestly, I’ve seen improvements as the year passes by.  All that came from rewarding my mind and body with a schedule that accompanies the life pace that’s right for me. This month has been a perfect example: between a daily job, freelance projects, summer school, online courses and you know, life, I still found time to have some “me” times.

The trick is to keep remembering that rewarding yourself is important and it will make you feel fresh and brand as new.

Have you completed all the shores for the day?
Awesome, give yourself the opportunity of having a full tub bath with foam and background music if you’re feeling ambitious.

Did the presentation of that project you were worrying about went out smoothly and better than you expected?
Bake cupcakes (or go eat some out with someone you like)!

You crossed one thing from your goal list?
Congratulations. Go do whatever makes your soul happy! And I can promise you, is as simple as that.

( balloon photo by Nikki Wills)

What do you usually do to reward yourself? Do you think it represents an important part of your daily routine?



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