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Con- means “with,” and -fluence sounds like “flow.” When things come together like rivers do, flowing from entirely different places, you call that a confluence. (source) An act or process of merging. (source)

Today I’m sharing a moodboard I put together in hope it helps me get inspired for the second theme of the beginner track (and hopefully for the advanced track too) of Summer School. Being the megatrend confluence and the theme tribal shapes I knew I would need a more intense research on this one.
At first I thought about feathers, tents and arrows, the usual shapes most people think when hearing the word tribal but after trying to put some of “me” in this design, my sketches gave me another idea. With some knowledge I had from some childhood movies (has anyone seen The Road to El Dorado movie?) I proceeded to do a research on the Inca tribe and their culture and as I started sketching again ideas started flowing. Now, being the megatrend of this briefing confluence, I might do a merge of other tribes so in the end it might not be 100% inspired in the Inca culture. In terms of color palette I might go with some earth tones with lots of yellow and golds. We’ll see how this will turn out.


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