MIID Summer School 2014 #1


I never thought I would feel like this but let me tell you, I’ve never been so excited with the concept of a summer school before. If you read my previous moodboard posts (tropical paradise and geometric water) you probably know by now that I’m attending MIID Summer School.
Yesterday was the deadline to send our work and today the galleries of the three tracks went online. I was so happy seeing my work there, I know it might not sound much but I’m really proud of the results and the whole experience is making me really  motivated to keep creating. Bellow there’s the three designs I submitted for the first briefings:

Beginner Track | Theme: Tropical Paradise
Go figure but the second I saw this theme I knew I wanted to use some tropical birds and fruit. Luckily I had some sketches I had been working on a few months ago on some birds so I just tweaked them a little and used them as my main element in the whole design.

Intermediate Track | Theme: Retro Geometric
For this one I really didn’t knew where I was going when i started sketching but one thing led to another and after picking the color palette things started to come together and in the end I was really satisfied with the result. Since we had the chance to mock it up on some swimwear I was surprised, after asking around, to have such good feedback from the male side and how they would wear it on their beach shorts. Made me even more happier with the design.

Advanced Track | Theme: Water Rays
As for the third one, I just went with the flow.


I’m already working on some coordinates for the Tropical Paradise but one thing is for sure, I’ll definitely turn them into collections. Meanwhile we’ll have to wait till Monday the 11th for the second briefings to come out. I wonder what the themes will be this time… excited!!





  1. Hi Sofia,
    I love your color palette for the tropical theme! I also think you handled the water rays theme well.

    Isn’t if funny that we have a tendency to make our favorite subjects fit a project when given the opportunity? I love florals and used them for my tropical theme. Probably won’t work so well in this next brief though. ;)

    BTW, I saw your post on my blog. Know what’s sad? I just learned that my web hosting service doesn’t have the capability for me to reply to comments. But I’ll figure out a way…

    1. Ah thank you Esther! Water Rays was definitely a challenge since it goes more to the abstract side.
      Your florals fit perfectly on the theme, it turned out into a beautiful pattern :) I’m once again trying to fit some of “me” into this second brief, maybe some characters but not sure if it will work out.

      Oh, have you figured it out why it doesn’t let you reply to comments? Maybe it needs some sort of plugin? Good luck with that though.

      1. I’m just now getting to my email notification!

        I do like that you added some characters to the second brief to make it more “you.” Oddly enough my second brief still ended up somewhat floral, which was entirely unintentional! :)

        I use Shopify, which incorporates a blog. It’s a nice little website package for ecommerce, but for some reason they don’t think people need to reply to comments. Grrrr. I can modify my site to use Disqus for comments, but then I lose any existing ones. I’ve contacted support to see if there’s a way to keep the comments so we’ll see.

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