Moodboard | Tropical Paradise



To kick off the first post of my moodboard series I picked a tropical themed one.

This summer I’m taking part in the MIID Summer School (I registered for the three levels yikes!) and on each one of the levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) there’s a specific theme for us to work on. I’m starting with the beginner theme (tropical paradise) because it immediately caught my interest and since I’m on the research stage, I decided to share one of my moodboards.

Pineapples, palm trees, watermelons and exotic animals were the key words I started off with.

I’m super excited with this summer course! The moment it reached my email box I didn’t think twice before hitting the register button. One of my goals for the next year is to attend the courses they have over MIID so I knew I couldn’t pass this opportunity.

 Now I’m curious, who is also attending Summer School? If so, which track did you pick and what do you think about the theme?



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